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Winter swimming

Our company is called “summer will be back”. The reason for is we need to remind ourselves, that even if the scandinavian winter seems dark and long, summer will always be back.

So to embrace all seasons we, in the studio have started a winter swimming team. Every week we go to a place called “Sluseholmen”, where we jump in the (sometimes sub zero) water. It’s fun, challenging and fills you with lots of positive energy.

This  February we took it to another level. We went to Ulricehamn in Sweden, by the frozen lake, where we had the opportunity to try an old-fashioned and very romantic “badstuga” (bathhouse). It had no electricity, and it was heated with firewood. It was in the evening, and the only light sources was from a couple of oil lamps.

The ice was 20cm thick, and we needed to chainsaw our way through it, to reach the water below. needless to say the water was as very... very cold, However walking the 20 meters from the bathhouse to hole, bare feet in the thick snow, felt much colder, than the water did.

Once back in the warmth of the bathhouse, we felt invigorated and filled with joy.

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