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Our studio in Meatpacking district Copenhagen

Today we want to show all our new followers how our studio looks like. In 2008 we moved into our studio in the Meatpacking District cph. At that time the studio looked completely different, than today. So after at bunch of soap, paint and loads of strong workers pulling walls down etc. we made our studio to our dream studio.

Denis Sytmen was the interior designer of our place.

And he found how the rooms should look like, our bar, our kitchen, the wooden wall, the lamps, the pink wire, the bamboo tables and so on. He really made our place to a place with a good vibe and a great mix between the industrial look and a more warm  feeling.

Today we also rent our table space to other designers, so we are 7 creative people sitting in our amazing studio.

Lisa Grue is so happy about the high ceiling, because that allows her to work in large scale. Like this big painting made for a poster project curated by 

If some magazine/blog/book wants to come and do a photo shoot of our studio - feel free to ask.



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