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We visit graphic designer Inge Rand

This summer on a sunny day, we visited the sweet and talented graphic designer Inge Rand from the design studio Sisterbrandt. She had made us a fantastic treat - tea, coffee, chocolate cake, rolls and strawberry for us. That sure made our day. She lives in Copenhagen with her husband and their two kids, in an old restored house on a cosy road with old fruit trees, beautiful houses and a school with a great sound of happy kids. Inge rand loves the graphic look mixed with romantic flowers and wallpaper.

Take a look at her grapic home and be inspired. 

Inge and her family lives in an old charming house. Here is a detail from the piano room.

The hall has romantic wallpaper and the floor is painted white.

Inge has lots of graphic and illustration book in her house. And a tea set from Royal Copenhagen.

The piano room on the right side one print from Summer will be back made by Lisa Grue.

In the dinning room there is a lot of light. 

Inge really has a sense of decoration.

Inge loves to visit Louisiana of Modern art.


Ceramic in the window in the living room. 

Lots of books, graphic design and illustrations in the home of graphic designer Inge Rand.

In the living room there is a fire place for cosy afternoons in the vinter.

The kitchen.

A cool graphic kalender in the Kitchen.

The two kids room.

Detail in the hall on the first floor.

Dark grey wall in the bed room. Bedcover from Ferm Living.

Inge Rand sometimes works from home. 

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