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Best brunch in Town - London


Just before we left London this time "Summer will be back" paid the café Pavilion a visit. That was a blast, totally cool place - good vibe, good coffee, best breakfast in town and stylish interior. And it is possible to sit outside and watch the lake and Autumn when it is most beautiful.

And a lot of the food was organic and Local. We were thrilled about this place.- we were also in love in the illustrations by Rachel Gale.

Adress: Victoria Park, London,E9 7DE

phone: 020 8980 0030

Opening hours: Meals served 8am-4pm Mon-Fri; 8am-5pm Sat, Sun

Price: Main courses £4-£9


Products in the shop

  • WE LOVE NATURE - Mushrooms
  • WE LOVE NATURE - Poisonous


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