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Marroccan carpet and textile designer

Just before we went to London. Denis Sytmen visited our friend textile designer and rug retailer Kirsten Fribert. We often borrow some of her fantastic rugs for different photo shoots and hopefully, we are going to buy one soon for our home and one for the studio.

All photos by Denis Sytmen. Please link back and credit photos when using.  

Kirsten Fribert is educated at the Royal Academy of Design, and she is both doing textile design and selling Moroccan Rugs. When you speak with her about these rugs you feel her passion and dedication about this subject. Kirsten goes to morocco herself and handpicks these beautiful rugs.

Today we are going to show photos from her inspiring studio in Copenhagen. Take a look and I am sure that you are going to be tempted to buy one of her moroccan beauties. 

We are so in love with these fantastic colors.

Beautiful pile of rugs.

Kirsten Fribert also works as a textile designer.

Kirsten also does textile design.

Frames for textile prints.

Print colors.

Papercut inspiration at the studio.


Work space.

A fire place for cold winters, and cosy afternoons.

A mix of Moroccan Rugs and Kirsten textile work in progress.  

Staircase with her colorful rugs.

Textile loom.

Kirsten Fribert in front of her storage.

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