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Autumn visit at Body-sds therapist Susan Blom Jørgensen


We sit down way to much in our modern life. And the studio "summer will be back" went by our good friend Susan Blom Jørgensen to get a session of Body-sds therapy to loosen up our bodies after to much work in front of the computer. That was a relief and we strongly recommend others to try this kind of treatment. And it is not the last time the studio goes for Body-sds therapy.

Susan and her family lives in Hjortekær (close to copenhagen). Take a look at their relaxed and cosy style.It is a place you feel at home in a good way.

Susan and her family lives a healthy life and eat lots of good organic food.

The dinning room.

It is a home where the food is made with love.

Detail from the kitchen.

Our mushroom poster in the dinning room. 





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