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My embroidery kit - Danish crafts collection 18

Lisa Grues has developed and designed the design object "MY embroidery KIT" for summer will be back. It was selected for the Danish Crafts Collection 18. And this collection was shown by Danish crafts collection at Maison & Object in Paris in september 2014. You can buy "MY embroidery Kit" here. Download high res photo for press here  or ask us for other photos.

About Danish Crafts Collection:

Danish Crafts Collection is an award-winning annual collection founded in 1999. It presents a curated selection of the best in contemporary Danish craft and design at international fairs and in other commercial contexts

Danish Crafts Collection comprises Danish products within the field of interior design and accessories - both the classical and the more innovative. The collection is updated annually on the basis of a special selection undertaken by a professional curator. This ensures that the products featured are among the most modern and up-to-date, and that they have the same high quality that has always characterized Danish Design. There are about 25-30 professionals represented in Danish Crafts Collection.

Behind MY Embroidery KIT:

In stark contrast to our media-saturated world with its constant and rapid flow of information, embroidery forces us to slow down and focus on different values, which can be a liberating experience. Everyday stresses seem to melt away in the almost meditative act, because it is simply impossible to hurry. By combining Lisa Grue’s contemporary images with this traditional needlecraft, My Embroidery Kit creates a fascinating contrast. The kit contains pre-printed fabric, thread and an embroidery frame, so the user has to put in a personal effort, time and care to complete the image.

About MY Embroidery KIT:

The "My Embroidery Kit" by Lisa Grue is an easy-level embroidery kit containing all of the essentials that one will need in order to learn how to hand embroider with a simple technique. The technical skills to start are neither complex nor difficult to learn. The cotton fabric is printed with a bright grey pattern of the design, so that the user can see where to make the stitches. Breathe in and out and enjoy! 

Each kit includes: 
- a wooden embroidery hoop 
- embroidery needle 
- embroidery floss for chosen motif 
- embroidery how-to 
- cotton fabric with the chosen motif printed 
- a beautiful handmade box with a leather belt to use after the embroidery is finished

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