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Colors in the studio

We are a bunch of people here in the studio who loves colors and pattern, various materials and paper types. Our bulletin board and our shelfs are loaded with inspirational stuff. Today we will show a little view in our studio world. Some photos of our everyday life in the studio. Today we are drinking tea from Tante T and coffee from The  Royal Smushi café

A view at graphic designer Fie Sahl Kreutzfeldt

Our dinning area.

Lisa Grues bulletin board.

We have fresh flowers in the studio every week.

The window next to Illustrator and graphic designer Mai-britt Amsler working space.

Graphic designer Mai-Britt Amsler loves pattern and decoration.

Lisa Grues prints in the studio. Buy them here.



Products in the shop

  • WE LOVE NATURE - Mushrooms
  • WE LOVE NATURE - Poisonous


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