summer will be back

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Friday in the studio

We have new flowers in the studio every week - this week flowers have an Autumn theme.

On a friday like this, a lot of different creative activities are going on. Prototypes are being checked, calendars with Lisa Grues paintings are arriving, meetings are being held, inspirational books are looked at, photos are being shoot - while we are drinking tea & premium espresso, enjoying autumn flowers and listening to bossanova. 

Lisa Grue's bulletin board.

Grapic designer Fie Sahl Kreutzfeldt shooting photos in the studio.

We have a lot of inspirational books in the studio.

Artist Lisa Grue has made the illustration/painting for this Calendar for the company BUPL. It just arrived today.

Prototypes are being checked. 

A great weekend from "summer will be back" for all of you.




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