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Flowers that makes you happy


We love flowers - and we always have flowers in our studio. The main reason is because we get inspired by the beauty of flowers and it is also something that makes us happy.

One of our favorite floweriest in Copenhagen, is called "Blomsterskuret"


Martin Reinicke - the owner of this place has a fantastic sense of picking out fantastic flowers.


Yesterday we went to his place. Take a tour with us, and enjoy his flower universe.

It is located here:


Værnedamsvej 3A

1819 Frederiksberg C


Tel: +45 33216222 

Open hours are:

Mon-fri 10-18

Sat-Sun 10-16  




Products in the shop

  • WE LOVE NATURE - Mushrooms
  • WE LOVE NATURE - Poisonous
  • greeting card / SUNNY
  • greeting card / WITH LOVE


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