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Lisa Grue and embroidery

This weekend Lisa Grue was featured in an article about modern embroidery, in the danish financial newspaper called Børsen. In this article she writes about why she thinks embroidery and handcrafted products are experiencing an renaissance. "A lot of people seek objects of real value, things with a story - crafts that speak to our hearts". On this photo, Lisa Grue is crafting a large embroidery bedcover for a client in france. 

The bedcover measures 220 x 230 cm and it is made from high quality wool and cotton. 

Lisa Grue does some of the embroidery herself, but she also assisted, when crafting the large embroidery bedcovers.

If you want to hear more about prices, timeframe, motifs etc. or order a hand embroidery bedcover please contact or call her at +45 26156828




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