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Our print in the danish interior magazine BoligMagasinet

Right now our new print "WE LOVE NATURE - Poisonous Plants" is shown in the Danish interior magazine "BoligMagasinet"

You can buy the prints here.

Here are Lisa Grue's comments about the print:

Why I made the series of nature prints?
I live in the very heart of Copenhagen, and 2 years ago I started on urban farming in our fantastic courtyard. I did not know a thing about plants, flowers and gardening. But my interest in growing my own flowers, herbs, berries, salat and tomatoes was awake, and I started reading about growing my own vegetabels. That gave me the idea about getting to know more about plants, mushrooms, herbs and so on. Thats why I thought about making a new version of old school biology charts.


I think understanding  plants and vegetation in general, makes us become more responsible about our planet. Its a very life enriching and earth connecting experience, to follow the seed you planted, becoming a beautiful flower a chilli, or tomato.
I have all of the prints in my kitchen, and in our dinning room. Its is a great subject to talk about with your friends, family and kids.


Products in the shop

  • WE LOVE NATURE - Mushrooms
  • WE LOVE NATURE - Poisonous


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