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Summer in November


Here in scandinavia, these cold november days, it's important to remember that it is summer somewhere.

In this case Brazil. Where we had the opportunity to visit some of our friends with truly amazing houses.

Here is our French connection in Brazil, Thierry Moriceau. He had this house remodeled after a ceramist who used it as his studio and home.

This fireplace was actually the ceramist oven. It now serves as a fireplace on one side, and a barbecue on the other.

The living room is a beautifull open structure; remember on this latitude its always 26-30 degrees celcius, so there no need to worry about insulation or ventilation.

Beautiful simple dining area. 

The kitchen. 

And one of the two bedrooms.

Even though this place a bit far from where we live, it's always a comforting thought to realize it's summer somewhere, and it will get around to come back again.




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