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The most beautiful of all Euphorbias

Last Friday we ended the week by attending a enchanting event at the Mind studio arranged by Anette Eckmann and Flora Dania.


This event was a celebration of the Flower Euphorbia pulcherrima. A flower most Danes sees as a Christmas flower.


At the event all had the chance to decorate cakes looking like the Christmas flower

It was so fun and inspiring decorating these cakes.

Here you see interior stylist and garden designer Dorthe Kvist from Meltdesignstudio.

The botanical name of the flower is Euphorbia pulcherrima and that means "the most beautiful of all Euphorbias"

The flower originally came from Mexico.

We were shown by talented stylist Annette Eckmann how you can use the Christmas star flower in powerful and sculptural christmas decorations. 

Cosy and colorful hours at Eckmann.


We were all filled with a good christmas vibe after this event.

It was also such an inspiration to see and meet the stylist Annette Eckmann. 

Annette Eckmann is such an interesting character 

And we LOVE her studio.

Good advise about the flower:

It can not take low temperatures and cool weather or draft

The flower grows best, if it gets light.

Make sure to water the plant, in the plate under the flowerpot.


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