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Dog sleigh adventure in Sweden.

Summer will be back is a family based company. Often when we seek inspiration and adventure, and we always enjoy the best companionship of our son.

One of this year best highlight, was our dog sleigh ride in Sweden. It is the first time we tried this, and it definitely not be the last.

The silence in the snow, the contrasted colors, the landscape and the wild energy levels the dogs exhibited, gave us a incredible experience. It was like being in another kind of 

Denis was controlling of the sleigh and the 6 dogs. Mika and I was enjoying the ride under reindeer skin, in the sleigh. The sky was all blue and it was minus -10 degree Celsius. 

The dogs were so excited to be running in the snow. They were friendly, and there was absolute no reason to be afraid of them, even if they seemed wild and ferocious.

We will never forget this family trip. Both in our working life, as well in our family life, we seek adventure, beautiful scenery, and inspiration. We believe it leaves positive trails in our life, and we find that essential for a happy life. 

Next year we definitely need to make a Christmas card with a dog sleigh and snow covered Christmas trees in it. We would love that, and it will be full of magic like our fabulous ride.





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