summer will be back

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Garden as you will live forever

You can cut all the flowers,
but you cannot keep spring from coming. 
(Pablo Neruda)

We live in the middle of Copenhagen, in a building surrounded by a large urban garden. It’s easy to forget it’s situated in the center of town. There’s almost no noise, the garden has many corners where the tenants and owners cultivate their raised beds. 

We love cultivation our urban garden, and our ambitions has raised with last year’s successful harvest of potatoes, salad, tomatoes, beautiful flowers and more.

Now we raised the bar, and joined an organic farming community at the farm called Årstiderne in Krogerup, where we are learning how to cultivate vegetables. We are working in a team responsible for cabbage, and others are responsible for others vegetables such as potatoes and beets.

On top of that we are renting a small plot of land (about 25 square meters), where we are cultivating our very own herbs and vegetables.

It’s an incredible feeling to get connected farming on this level. The knowledge from the community and the excitement from knowing food is going to grow from this is beyond explaining.

Every weekend we go there to prepare, water and sow our little plot of land. In the process, we get so much fresh air, and dirt under our nails. The effect is not understated in this report, which finds that soil bacteria work in similar ways as antidepressants, leaving them to suggest we should spent more time with it.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

(Audrey Hepburn)

Happiness lies in the cultivation of the garden.
(Voltaire's closing words of Candide, 1759 )

We will keep you posted with our new-found experience and joys of country life. By the way, this just adds a whole new meaning to our company name …

Summer will be back

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