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Healthy hardiness in a cold season

I remember the first time I was to winter bathe, I was very nervous. What exactly I was nervous about, I dont know, but I thought the cold water would hurt, or I would get a heart attack, and the cold water would be very very uncomfortable. 

When I was finally immersed in the cold water, at whole new world was revealed. These cold conditions, the winter, the water, and the wind gave me a healthy hardiness in a cold season. I became more comfortable with the elements, and it gave me strength. 

Last week we were on winter break, in Sweden. It was here we spend the afternoon with our friends, on a floating wooden sauna in the sea of Vätteren. From here we bathed in the ice covered lake, and drak hot cocoa and ate american pancakes in the warmth of the fireplace, in the sauna. 

We brought our son, and our friends did too. Aged 9 and 10 they were in the water, and in the sauna, before any adult had gotten their shoes off. 

 Winter bathing is a Wonderfull way of getting out of your winter comfort zone. The cold water boosts the body, in a great way.

 I’ve said this many times before,  but simple adventures in nature are some of the most rewarding ones 

Photography: Denis Sytmen

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