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Hi 2019 let's get started.

Both Denis and I are artist souls. Denis is a designer and photographer, and I’m a designer author and illustrator. Together we own and run our company SUMMER WILL BE BACK.

The way we run it is more like a lifestyle, because the boundaries between family time and work is almost nonexistent. As such it  be able to take care of both equally well, and honestly there are many things we would love to level up.

This is the reason we dedicated this year 2019 for better planning and a tidier work environment. It is time for us to make a thorough cleaning of our space. Our office and storage will be systematically sorted for items, that no longer are useful or gives us joy. These item will go to a new home, or get recycled. 


We are really excited to see what this will bring us of new experiences, ideas and inspiration. 

When we decided to begin this journey, we designed a desk planner and a calendar to make life easier for quickly being able jot down to do’s. This journey needs to be fun and, so we made them beautiful, and pleasing to look at. You can buy them here.

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  • WE LOVE NATURE - Mushrooms
  • WE LOVE NATURE - Poisonous


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