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Learn how to make the Danish Rye bread

It’s no secret we love cooking, so when I was asked to make product shots of a cool little kitchen tool from Danish Rye and more, I was all fired up. Especially because it was a tool used for baking bread. 

I’ve always enjoyed baking all kinds of bread, and I have strong opinions about it, so when heard about this tool, which was supposed to make it faster to mix the dough, it was needless to say, I was interested in trying it out.

The Danish Rye Cup

So what is this thing. Well actually it’s a sourdough container, which doubles as a measuring cup, when you mix the ingredients. 

So how will this make anything any easier. It turns out it’s so close to the “just add water” mixing as it can get. The cup takes the reading out of baking bread after one try. 

A perfect activity for the upcoming winter break.


Here is how it works

For the best tasting results, get some sourdough from the bakery, or if you know how to make the “sourdough starter” yourself then start with that, it beats yeast every time.

Here is the recipe, read it once and forget about it.

0,5 “Rye cup” of sourdough

1,5 “Rye cup” water

1 “Rye cup” wheat flour

1 “Rye cup” rye flour

1 “Rye cup” crushed rye kernels

Mix it all up, and take quarter "Rye cup" full of the Doug, and add same amount of water, and voila you have sour dough for your next bread.

Now in the lid of the Rye cup there are two small cavaties, used for measuring your favorite seeds like sunflower, linseed  or sesame seeds.
So use 3 lids of each type.
The smaller of the two cavaties are used for measuring salt and honey.

You need 1 salt and two honey full of those.

Mix and let it raise for 6 hours and then bake at 190C/375F for 75 minutes.

Once you’ve done this one time, it becomes second nature. 

Photos by Denis Sytmen.


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