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Nordic rose hip soup.

In August when the rose hips turn orange, you can make a fantastic nordic dish very easily. 

You wouldn't think such an abundant fruit would be great, but It's so tasty, you'll want more, And it's full of vitamin C. Although some of it goes away in the heating process.

It's really easy to make the soup. All you need is about 500 grams of cleaned rose hips, and some sugar and whipped cream. You can take a look a the video, which is only about a minute, and you'll be able to make it yourself. 

This video is a part of a series about how to connect with nature. It's an excerpt from our book "Luk Naturen ind - hele året" (let in nature - All year). It's about tips on how you can interact with nature, and create a relationship with it, so we all can appreciate our beautiful Blue Earth, and thus help protect it.

You can see more of the book here:

The book is beautifully illustrated by Lisa Grue.  

And the video is shot by m


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