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Guide to Malmö

I’m restless by nature, and I have the need for lots of events and input. A little day trip to Sweden is a nice treat for me. Besides it’s not a secret we, at Summer will be back” love Sweden.

It’s easy to get to Malmö from Copenhagen. As a family day trips are quite inexpensive. Me and my son traveled by train last Saturday, and here is my suggestion on a great day in Malmö.

I get breakfast to go, it will make more out of the day, instead of leaving late, because you feel the need to do the dishes first.


I like to get off at the Trianglen station, to stroll down Södra Förstadsgatan. The station is a stop before the Malmö central station. 

Art / “Moderna Museet” in Malmö often have interesting exhibitions. That is quite recommended to visit. We didn't make it that Saturday, sometimes ambitions exceeds the ability, when you bring kids, but we’ll definitely  make it when Denis & I go by ourselves.

Shops / Some of the shops we like to visit are the following:

AB Småland -This shop have many fine things, Plants, clothes and interior for both adults and childen alike. They also have a great cafe. On my next visit, I’ll get some of their great bedlinen, which has some beautiful colors. They also have some fantastic Landry baskets, and a lot of awesome clothes.

Granpa Adjecent to AB småland is Granpa. They have clothes for both men and women. They also have cool design and interior items. I’m quite fond of their selection, and I think they have a lot of beautiful items like books, bags, coats, boots and much more.

Naturkompaniet - The shop has a great selection of outdoor gear. Neither Denis nor I are the “scout” type, so we dont have the biggest inventory of practical equipment for the great outdoors. Headlamp, woolen underwear, sleeping bags, boots, knives etc. Here you can find most of it.

Designtorget - This is a design shop with books, cups, bags, items for kids and their room. Definitely  worth a visit.

Norrgavel - The interior shop has the best atmosphere ever. I always want to lean back I their wool covered sofa, dressed in on of their cotton kimono and woollen slippers and drink tea from their ceramic teacups. It really feels like you can recharge here. 

We feel quite at home here, and they have started to carry a selection of our cards too, which we are happy to see.  

Granit - If you want to get organized in your home, then this is the place to get storage elements. I’d say it’s the scandinavian equivalent of the Japanese Muji. 

Saluhallen - This is the foodhall, where you will be able to find Swedish delicacies. At the same time it’s a great place for lunch or “FIKA” as it’s called in Swedish. That is to get some cake and coffee. I totally love St. Jakobs Stenugns Bakery which have the most delicious bread and cakes.


Ribersborg Kallbadhus - Mika and I were headed to the winter bath spot Ribersborg Kallbadhus. Then Mika got “cold feet” I was a little uncertain of it was nude bathing, and sauna. That got Mika a bit uncomfortable, which I totally get, when you’re just 10 years old. Jeg haven't  given up on the thought, but would prefer to do that with some of my friends or Denis sometime in February.


Mika and I did not managage to fit anything else into that day, but it’s always great to leave some for next time, so until then - bye bye Malmö.



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