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Northfox is back in town

When me and my family crossed the polar circle, around two years ago, I earned a new name, to mark the event. In fact the whole gang earned new names. We “baptized” each other in a fire heated sauna in Lapland. So now whenever were north of the polar circle, I go by the name “NorthFox”. Denis is “FireFox” and Mika is “Sunfox”

We don’t really use the names that often, but I could use it once it a while, since it sounds cool. 

In Lapland we were close the the reindeers. We made fire in freezing temperatures, walked with snowshoes, got really red cheeks, went in the sauna, and rolled in the snow afterwards. For a brief moment were more in one with the elements and the universe we live in, and felt alive, adventures and cool. 

In the city we are  keen on other things, and it would be really comical, if I insisted on being called “Northfox”, in the middle of some meeting. 

Our polar names still lives on, but they seriously need some airing. 

Love the fact we will be returning soon to the wildernes, so he three foxes can get some fresh air.

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