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Our new book “Luk nature ind hele året”

It’s with great pride we present our new book “Luk nature ind hele året – 102 gode ideer til bedre jordforbindelse”

The English title would be “Let in nature all year round – 102 ways to reconnect with nature”

It’s all about reconnecting with nature throughout spring, summer, autumn and winter.

So, what happens when we connect with nature and why should we. Turns out there are good reasons for the sensation we get when we go “forest showering”. As you can read in the linked article, the health benefits are not to be missed. “The positive impact on our brains, bodies, feelings and thought processes and on calming the nervous systems”, which the article goes on to say, “cultivates greater openness, creativity, connection, generosity and resilience”. What’s not to like!

The research shows we become mentally heathier, when we surround ourselves with nature; endless forests, flowers, plants green vegetation.

With this book, we want to inspire to strike a balance between our digital lives and our time out there in nature, under the sky, surrounded by awe of it.

The book has been a family project in our family run business Summer will be back.

Denis Sytmen is the photographer. Our son came up with many of the ideas. Lisa Grue wrote and illustrated it. Even our dog played a role, it somehow snug itself into pictures. It’s published by Gyldendal April the 6th. 2018

Buy the book here, and get two free copies of our gold foiled and flower notebooks.

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