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Summer in November

Here in scandinavia, these cold november days, it's important to remember summer is waiting around the corner.

In this case Brazil. Where we had the opportunity to visit some of our friends with truly amazing houses.

here is our french connection in Brazil. Thierry Moriceau. He had this house remodeled after a ceramist who used it as his studio and home.


Brazil - "summer will be back" loves you

The founders of "summer will be back" Denis Sytmen and Lisa Grue, need summer more than 4 month a year. That is the reason why they goes to Brazil in the winters as much as possible. The first time they went together as a family was 2010 when their son Mika was 2 years old.  It is a perfect place to seek inspiration for illustrations, colors, materials and shapes. And a great place to upload the batteries. 



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