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Warming up for Vinter Break with pan bread and hot ginger tea.

To bake pan bread is really simple and perfect for the coming Vinter Break, which is right around the corner. 

In our family we love having guests. Its really revitalizing to gather friends. Here in Scandinavia it can get quite cold, so it get even more “hyggeligt” to be surrounded with friends and kids, around some pan made bread and hot drinks, after a long day out.


Guide to Malmö

I’m restless by nature, and I have the need for lots of events and input. A little day trip to Sweden is a nice treat for me. Besides it’s not a secret we, at Summer will be back” love Sweden.

It’s easy to get to Malmö from Copenhagen. As a family day trips are quite inexpensive. Me and my son traveled by train last Saturday, and here is my suggestion on a great day in Malmö.


Northfox is back in town

When me and my family crossed the polar circle, around two years ago, I earned a new nickname, to mark the event. In fact the whole gang earned new nicknames. We “baptized” each other in a fire heated sauna in Lapland. So now whenever were north of the polar circle, I go by the name “NorthFox”. Denis is “FireFox” and Mika is “Sunfox”


Politikens book Hall

Summer will be back loves magazines and books. Even if very much of our daily contact with media goes through the internet, there is nothing like printed material. The paper texture gives you a a dimention that you can not get from the internet. The other day we visited one of our favorite book and magazine store in Copenhagen - Politikens Book Hall.  



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