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Northfox is back in town

When me and my family crossed the polar circle, around two years ago, I earned a new nickname, to mark the event. In fact the whole gang earned new nicknames. We “baptized” each other in a fire heated sauna in Lapland. So now whenever were north of the polar circle, I go by the name “NorthFox”. Denis is “FireFox” and Mika is “Sunfox”


Fire walk with me

Usually around this time of the year, in the Northern hemisphere, my energy reserves are low, the days are short, and daylight is low. It really calls for an activity, to spark some energy into the darkness. It feels great to do something different, and it brings a some color to your cheeks.


Politikens book Hall

Summer will be back loves magazines and books. Even if very much of our daily contact with media goes through the internet, there is nothing like printed material. The paper texture gives you a a dimention that you can not get from the internet. The other day we visited one of our favorite book and magazine store in Copenhagen - Politikens Book Hall.  


Botanical Love

The Botanical Garden is located in the heart of Copenhagen. It is one of the favorite places for us in "Summer will be back". In the Garden you will find a sweet little flower shop with a special selection of plants, seeds, flowers, gifts and products. Among them are our prints from the series "WE LOVE NATURE - Mushrooms" and "Birds in a tree - color"


Mushrooms - Autumn embrace dinner

A good way to embrace the Autumn and Winter coming is by taking part of what the seasons invites you to do. 

So "summer will be back" will show some ways we love to be inspired by the seasons.

Now is the time to go mushroom hunting in the forest - or to visit your local organic grocery and bye some fresh mushrooms.

I'm not a mushroom expert, that is the reason why I have been doing a print with eatable mushrooms, to explore what is out there.But even so, i'm still not adventurous enough. Maybe "summer will be back" need to find an expert guide and go out in the forest and pick mushroom this weekend. The general rule about picking (anything in fact) is: If you're not sure what kind it is; dont eat it. That said there is a whole world waiting to be discovered out there.

Anyway here is a fantastic recipe of Mushroom Risotto found here. Be inspired and cook your own Autumn embrace dinner.



Brazil - "summer will be back" loves you

The founders of "summer will be back" Denis Sytmen and Lisa Grue, need summer more than 4 month a year. That is the reason why they goes to Brazil in the winters as much as possible. The first time they went together as a family was 2010 when their son Mika was 2 years old.  It is a perfect place to seek inspiration for illustrations, colors, materials and shapes. And a great place to upload the batteries. 



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