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Northfox is back in town

When me and my family crossed the polar circle, around two years ago, I earned a new nickname, to mark the event. In fact the whole gang earned new nicknames. We “baptized” each other in a fire heated sauna in Lapland. So now whenever were north of the polar circle, I go by the name “NorthFox”. Denis is “FireFox” and Mika is “Sunfox”


Fire walk with me

Usually around this time of the year, in the Northern hemisphere, my energy reserves are low, the days are short, and daylight is low. It really calls for an activity, to spark some energy into the darkness. It feels great to do something different, and it brings a some color to your cheeks.


Nordic rose hip soup.


Learn how to make a traditional nordic rose hip soup.

This video is a part of a series about how to connect with nature. It's an excerpt from our book "Luk Naturen ind - hele året" (let in nature - All year). It's about tips on how you can interact with nature, and create a relationship with it, so we all can appreciate our beautiful Blue Earth, and thus help protect it.


Our new book “Luk nature ind hele året”

So, what happens when we connect with nature and why should we. Turns out there are good reasons for the sensation we get when we go “forest showering”. As you can read in the linked article, the health benefits are not to be missed. “The positive impact on our brains, bodies, feelings and thought processes and on calming the nervous systems”, which the article goes on to say, “cultivates greater openness, creativity, connection, generosity and resilience”. What’s not to like!



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