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Christmas in the studio

Christmas is a cosy time and we in "Summer will be back" loves this cosy time. These days we are shooting christmas photos in the studio. And we are also decorating the studio with christmas elements. Amaryllis, orange berries, purple Kale, pink christmas stars and other fine natural things from the forest are our favorites.


Summer in November

Here in scandinavia, these cold november days, it's important to remember summer is waiting around the corner.

In this case Brazil. Where we had the opportunity to visit some of our friends with truly amazing houses.

here is our french connection in Brazil. Thierry Moriceau. He had this house remodeled after a ceramist who used it as his studio and home.


Ceramic for our studio

Yesterday we went to our friend Chandini Debskas ceramic studio to get our new cups for our studio. We really like the way she works with the glaze on these specific cups. Chandini Debskas studio is located in Gentofte just outside Copenhagen. Her studio is open daily and you can buy her ceramic and enjoy a good latte at the same time. (try to call or email her before you go to be sure she is in her studio)


Friday in the studio

We have new flowers in the studio every week - this week flowers have an Autumn theme.

On a friday like this, a lot of different creative activities are going on. Prototypes are being checked, calendars with Lisa Grues paintings are arriving, meetings are being held, inspirational books are looked at, photos are being shoot - while we are drinking tea & premium espresso, enjoying autumn flowers and listening to bossanova. 


Our studio in Meatpacking district Copenhagen

Today we want to show all our new followers how our studio looks like. In 2008 we moved into our studio in the Meatpacking District cph. At that time the studio looked completely different, than today. So after at bunch of soap, paint and loads of strong workers pulling walls down etc. we made our studio to our dream studio.



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