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Winter bouquets pleases my eyes

Beauty keeps my spirits up, and nurtures my mind and soul. I’m an aesthetician by nature, and it gives me immense joy, being surrounded by beautiful thing. My eyes are pleased by flowers, branches and plants. So are the reasons for our office always are filled with beautiful vegetation, following the seasons of the year.

In nature it is not always that easy to spot the decorative plants, at this time of the year. But look carefully, and you will be able to find amazing   branches, berries, and dried plants right now. Dried plants and branches can be really decorative in a vase, together with a couple of colorfull flowers from the florist. 

This morning I went for a walk with a pair of pruning shears, and a basket. I found a lot of beautiful branches and dried flowers.

I then went by our local florist, and spend around 130 Dkr/16€/18$ on mixed flowers. Blended with what I found, I have 5 great bouquets of flowers (the ones on the photos). They now decorate the spaces in our office. 

I always keep an eye out for all kinds of flowers in nature, which I can bring home with me. I can recommend it, because it sparks so much joy and life with a winter bouquet.

We really became quite pleased with how the pictures turned out. In fact, so much, we made prints out of two of them. If you like these images as prints, you can get them here. and here


photos by Denis Sytmen.

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