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Summer will be back is a new design company rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition. The company is based in Denmark, in a studio in the old meat packing district of Copenhagen. 


Lisa and Denis

Summer will be back was founded in 2014 by Danish artist and designers Lisa Grue and Denis Sytmen. They form a team both professionally and private, and both graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in 2001/02. Since their graduation, they have received a number of grants from Danish Arts Foundations, and have been selected in curated art and designshows.

Both designers experiment with the design process and work with a wide variety of materials and media, including embroidery, porcelain, textile print, acrylic, paper and more.



Lisa and Denis have worked professionally with internationally renowned clients such as VOGUE magazine, fashion designer Anna Sui, Nylon Magazine, Benefit Cosmetics, and Ace Hotel NYC. They have been published in numerous international art and illustration books, and their personal work have steadily earned them both attention and acclaim from clients and press around the world.


Sources of inspiration

Denis and Lisa find inspiration in their frequent visits to New York and other vibrant cities with a jagged, urban pulse. In contrast they also journey Brazil’s beautiful nature, immersing themselves in the downbeat tempo, surrounded by lush greenery. They always return from Brazil with sketchbooks full of exotic birds, plants, flowers, animals and new shapes. 


Words from the designers:

“We aim to do the things we love”.


     Lisa Grue                                               Denis Sytmen


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